If you are interested in participating in the dual/scrimmages, please fill out the form below.  Each team the signs up will be paired with three scrimmages.  The extent and formality is up to the coaches participating. 

Visiting Teams

If you are the visiting team, you will need to make initial contact for that dual (you can do that now or anytime prior to two weeks to determine what day of the week you will visit/scrimmage). Visiting teams will also need to send their rosters to the visiting coach prior to getting together (please give a minimum of two days for that as well).

Home team will provide the location and referees. The week and time can be amended by you and the other coach, but will be up to the two teams to facilitate that change. Please notify us on that change if there is one as well.

Dual Participation


Week of Nov 16 - 20
Week of Dec 6 - 10
Week of Jan 25 - 29


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