Wrestling League Format and Rules

The purpose and formation of this league is to develop the youth wrestlers through affordable, local and high quality competition and training events. Some of our values are strong levels of competition, local Saturday events to the Colorado Front Range and surrounding areas, strong club leadership development and full USAW membership.

TOURNAMENTS: Our Saturday tournaments are run on a round robin and scratch weight format. This means all of our weigh-ins are done at your club site on Wednesday or Thursday evening practice conducted by your club's coach and entered on Track Wrestling (www.trackwrestling.com).  A statistician password will be assigned to each person entering wrestlers into PPWL events.  Please contact Jay if you don't have the statistician access Jay@PikesPeakWrestling.com

Scratch weight means there are no preassigned weight classes (Often called Madison Block bracketing).  If there are 120 9-10 year olds, the brackets will start with the lightest 6 wrestlers paired and then group the next 6 wrestlers according to weight and ranking and so on.  Coaches will rank wrestlers as they enter them as Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced to ensure the best paired matches possible as well as enter them to the nearest tenth of a pound. 

The exceptions to regular season events are team Dual tournaments which would be with preassigned weight classes, and different start/finish times.  The State tournament that PPWL runs in conjunction with USA Wrestling is not a Round Robin format and is done with weight classes preassigned as well.  Depending on number of entrants, this tournament may run two days to include Sunday.

Tournaments have a staggered start time, unless specifically noted.
Age groups of 4 and under, 7-8 year olds, 11-12 year olds start at 9am and finish around noon (called Session 1). Age groups of 5-6 year olds, 9-10 year olds, and 13-15 year olds start at noon and finish around 3:00pm (called Session 2).

ENTRANTS: All Wrestlers must be a member of USA Wrestling (unless a tournament specifies otherwise). USA Wrestling membership can be purchased on the www.pikespeakwrestling.com website with an easy interface (available during the season). Coaches or clubs that handle the USA membership for all of their wrestlers may download the "Athlete Upload" form from the Coach's Corner tab, and this allows them to enter into the fields of an excel spreadsheet all at once.  This option is extremely beneficial if your club will be handling all of the USA card memberships, versus allowing parents to individually purchase the membership for USA Wrestling.  Please contact Jay if you choose this option, as it requires the club to pay by check for the memberships.

The USA Membership also serves as an insurance policy for the wrestler, coaches, clubs, and league (which comes with secondary sports accident insurance that also serves as primary insurance in the case of no health insurance for the wrestler's family).

Birth-date cutoff is September 1st as it is prior to the beginning of the wrestling season.

CHECK-IN: Arrive/warmup at least 30 minutes prior to tournament start time or session start time.

BRACKETS: Round robin format with 4-8 yr olds in 4 man, 9-15 year olds in 6 man round robin (exception is novice 9-14 may be 4 man as well for the novice if there's not enough competitors to fill a 6 man round robin bracket safely)  You can print off the brackets from www.trackwrestling.com after 8pm on the Friday prior to the Saturday tournament.  This is free to do on track wrestling (doesn't require a password).  For those who don't print brackets prior to the tournament, there will be the option to purchase your wrestler's bracket for $1.

GATE FEES: No more than $5 for adults $3 for students. Under 6 free.  Active duty military and senior citizens over 65 with ID are free (this pertains to PPWL regular season tournaments only).  Coaches get in free with a visible USA coach's card verified with ID.  Coach's cards require a background check, and the coach's card is not the same thing as a coach's pass from another league, nor a bronze card.  Coach's cards can be purchased at www.themat.com  There is a background check done for every Coach's card, and can take up to 5 business days to process.

WEIGH-INS: All entrants will have their weights entered by their coach to the Track Wrestling site (www.trackwrestling.com ) no later than Friday at 10am. At the tournament, 10% of the wrestlers will be randomly selected to weigh in. Wrestlers must weigh with singlets on. If a wrestler is found to be more than 2lbs or 3lbs pounds over the coach entered bracket weight, the wrestler is disqualified with no re-entry.  The 2lb variance is for any wrestler entered in under 100lbs, and the 3lb variance is for any wrestler entered in over 100lbs.  This is not a weight allowance, and wrestlers should be entered with their exact weight to the tenth of a pound. 

Only coaches are approved to send in weights, and only from teams that are club members ($75 annual dues to become a club member in the PPWL), unless otherwise approved.  If there is a DQ due to a weight spot check that's over the above mentioned limits, there will be an announcement made over the PA system that due to cheating, the entire team must come and weigh in.  If any of those wrestlers also DQ, the team is on probation, and the entire team must be present an hour prior to the doors opening for a mandatory weigh in at future events in the season.

HOSTING A TOURNAMENT: In order to host a tournament, a team must request to host a tournament via email.  Once you request a date via email (and if the date is available), you have two weeks to provide your School's AD's contact information for verification of the reservation (phone and email contact) for the Pikes Peak league director to follow up and confirm the date for the gym as well as answer any questions the school's administration has about the insurance policy carried with our events.  If you host a tournament, you will have the same date reserved the following year. Please view Tournament Hosting Procedures.  Under the Coach's Corner Tab on the site is a tournament checklist as well.

Pikes Peak Youth Wrestling League rules (Differing rules from High School):

Rules should follow the High School sanctioned rules with the following exceptions:

  • Only shorts, shirts, and shoes are required.  We prefer the kids wear a singlet, wrestling shoes, headgear, mouthgaurd (if applicable) and hair net (if applicable), but do not mandate it due to added cost.  We do mandate the USA insurance card (unless otherwise noted).  Singlet, Head Gear, and Shoes can cost upwards of $50 to well over $100,  but catastrophic insurance coverage is vital should the wrestler ever need it.  The USA card is primary insurance if there isn't any held by the parent, or secondary if the parents have health insurance.
  • In the 4 and under division we do not initially call locked hands. The exception, would be after repeated verbal warnings in which the only move for the top wrestler is locking around the body.
  • 6 and Under division (5-6 year olds) will have locked hands called, but penalty is 1pt each time with no disqualification for this age group.  All older age groups will have locked hands called as normal...ie 1pt, 1pt, 2pt, DQ.  Starting in February, prior to the State tournament, locked hands will be called for the 6 and Under Age group in order to prepare them for State (locked hands is called at the State tournament for all age groups).
  • Wrestlers 10 and under will all wrestle 3 (1) minute periods. 11-14 year olds are 1.5 minute periods.
  • 15 minute rest, as per USA wrestling rules
  • All wrestlers must have fingernails clipped and be skin checked by their coaches at weigh ins.  Wrestlers with a visible rash/blemish require a Dr's note or they will be disqualified without refund.  
  • Wrestlers can request to wait until they have a coach in their corner (it's up to the wrestler to request that).
  • Only two coaches are allowed in the corner and the match will not start until there's two or less.
  • Ages are from 4-15 only, and no High School Wrestlers.