Wrestler Membership Cards - USA Card

This year there are three different options with 3 different prices to choose from.

USA Wrestling will be offering a Tiered USA membership consisting of

  • Limited Folkstyle Card ($15)
  • Full USA card ($40)
  • High Performance membership card ($100)

All three of the options would cover an athlete to participate in all Pikes Peak Wrestling League events throughout the season.
The information below explains the details a bit further, but the easiest option to purchase one of the three tiered options will be to click on this link.

Further Explanation on Tiered membership:

Limited Folkstyle - $15

  • Cost effective, entry level option
  • Valid for state level or lower folkstyle competitions (a Full or High Performance Membership is required for regional or national competitions)
  • Includes a $50,000 secondary sports accident insurance policy (for $1,000,000 in secondary sports accident coverage, please purchase a Full or High Performance Membership)
  • Includes online version of USA Wrestler magazine only
  • This membership includes all Pikes Peak Wrestling events and the King of the Mountain on our event schedule

Full Membership - $40

  • No limitations on style, geography, or level of competition
  • Includes $1,000,000 in secondary sports accident coverage
  • Subscription to the print version of USA Wrestler magazine (6 issues) and online version of USA Wrestler magazine

High Performance Membership - $100

  • Includes all benefits of USA Wrestling Full Membership, plus:
  • Personalized High Performance Membership card
  • Exclusive USA Wrestling High Performance Member mesh backpack
  • Asics headband
  • 4 DVDs containing exclusive USA Wrestling content
  • Birthday card signed by World Team members
  • 3 World Team promotional posters – one for each style

Click here to purchase one of the 3 options